The Alaska Marijuana Handler Card is a state approved course for anyone who works in the Alaska cannabis industry in any of the licensed establishments. Whether you're an owner, cultivator, processor, lab technician, budtender, transporter, or working security, this is the perfect course to teach you all of the required laws and regulations in the industry.

This course must cover: Alaska's medical marijuana laws, Ballot Measure 2, all of the state wide regulations (Ch 306), the effects of marijuana consumption, how to identify an impaired individual, how to distinguish valid forms of government issued IDs, how to intervene and prevent unlawful consumption, and the penalties for any unlawful acts. Other courses may offer additional information that is not required by the state.


The course is divided into 11 lessons in video format, along with transcripts of those videos. After course completion, one has 10 chances to pass the exam with a 70% pass rate. No one has needed 10 chances, but it takes the pressure off. The test was updated in July 2021 so it's shorter and more direct while still retaining the most relevant aspects of the industry.  The cover page from the AMCO office, the signed course exam certificate, a 2x2 passport sized photo, and a photocopy of your ID must then be submitted to the enforcement wing of the Marijuana Control Office, who will issue the actual Handler Card to you. In addition, applicants must undergo a name based state background check for $20 through the Troopers. Lesson 12 of the course has the test as well as all the directions you need to get the card from the state. 

Online | Anytime   $55 -> $45 for August!

This course is broken up into 11 lessons, each has one to three videos between 3 and 8 minutes in length. Transcripts are included with each lesson because sometimes you want to listen to the information and sometimes you need to just read it. Work on this at your own pace in the comfort of your home. 


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In Person Training


Due to the popularity, efficiency, and convenience of this online course, I only hold in person classes at special events. There are no planned in person classes at this time.